Group Picture

Twelve Livingston Parish elementary teachers and LSU STEM Pathways Program consultants gathered for a two-week workshop this summer to develop learning modules to integrate STEM concepts into the “Tier 1” curriculum fields of English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies at all elementary grade levels.  Pictured, left to right, are (back row) Kristina Dunlap, Seventh Ward Elementary; Courtney Mury, Seventh Ward Elementary; Danyelle Wax, Eastside Elementary; Jordan Guidry, Juban Parc Elementary; Jessica Edwards, Southside Elementary; (front row) LSU STEM Pathways Consultant Nicole Foster; LSU STEM Pathways Consultant Sheree Wilder; Madalyne Rabalais, Southside Elementary; Julianne Sadler, Gray’s Creek Elementary; Karleigh Severio, Lewis Vincent Elementary; Helena Olson, Gray’s Creek Elementary; Whittany Starns, Northside Elementary; Alysha Leonard, Denham Springs Elementary; Shannon Seal, Freshwater Elementary; and LSU STEM Pathways Consultant Jessica Vicknair.